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Power of Relationships

The “Power of Relationships” System determines how your character gains experience and progresses in Skills in the Odyssey Affair. It is composed of three parts, the Bond Between Friends, Love & War, and Conflict Among Rivals. Using this system awards your character Interaction Points, or IP, which can be used to raise your character’s Skills (but not your Stats). What Skills you raise with your IP is up to you, but it has to be related to things your character either did or studied during the course of the game. IP can only be spent to raise Skills at the end of an Episode. The cost to increase a Skill is equal to 10 times your current rank in that skill, while it costs 10 IP to increase a skill from 0 to 1.

Bond Between Friends

The Bond Between Friends is the primary way that experience is gained through the Power of Relationships System. By having meaningful interaction with other characters in the game, you can gain IP. NPCs that you can gain IP through meaningful interaction with are called “Bonds”. To form a bond with an NPC, you need to roll your Attractiveness + Seduction against their Stability at the end of a session where you interacted with them. Only NPCs with names are valid to become Bonds. You can also gain IP through meaningful interaction with other PCs, with no bonding required.

Whether something is “meaningful interaction” or not is decided by the Storyteller. The amount of IP awarded from meaningful interaction is +5 for a Bond or +1 for another PC or named NPC who isn’t a Bond. You can only gain IP from interacting with any given individual once per game session. How much IP you actually gained from any given interaction is a secret.

All IP gained through the Bond Between Friends is put into a shared “pool” between all of the PCs, not awarded individually. At the end of every Episode (not game session), this pool is evenly divided up and distributed between all players, with any left over points being put towards next Episode’s pool.

Love & War

In addition to friends, family, and allies, IP can be added to the Bond Between Friends through Intimate Bonds and mecha combat. While there is no limit to how many Bonds a character may have, each character can have only one Intimate Bond. An Intimate Bond is one of romantic love (not just close friendship or familial love). Intimate Bonds are formed only through role playing, and any meaningful interaction they produce yields double the standard IP (+10). Forming and maintaining an Intimate Bond isn’t always easy, so give them special consideration!

IP can also be gained through the Bond Between Friends during mecha combat. At the end of any mecha combat encounter, two points of IP is added to the Bond Between Friends pool for every PC who participated in the fight. It would be terrible to leave the other PCs high and dry in a fight just so you can keep talking to people!


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