The year is 2210. Mankind has expanded into space since the beginning of the twenty-first century, establishing colonies on or around the planets of the solar system for resources and living space.

More than a century ago, after a prolonged period of environmental and social hardships, the global economy of Earth collapsed, leaving the planet in a state of turmoil and unable to care for its off-world colonies. The colonies then became independent, absorbing a steady flow of refugees from the war-torn Earth and surviving as best they could. Through the twenty-second century, the former colonies became the settlements, or countries, of the solar system. The deceased United Nations reorganized under the name of United Solar Nations (USN) and was reinstated to serve as a neutral meeting ground for the governments of the various planets.

The resolution of the troubles on Earth in the late years of the century signaled the end of a dark period for all of humankind. The mother planet had risen from the ashes and, under the leadership of the Central Earth Government & Administration (CEGA), rebuilt itself into a political and military power. Regular contact between settlements slowly resumed as the twenty-second century drew to a close. It was thought to be the beginning of a new age of peace and prosperity, but the events of the early months of 2210 would shatter that illusion.


The twenty-third century is a time filled with excitement and promise as well as deadly phenomena. The Odyssey Affair has four central themes: War, Death, Love, and Music. The first three themes bear special mention.

War: The solar system of the year 2210 is a hotbed of conflicts. While neither space nor resources are scarce, human nature remains the same: some people still want to impose their views on others, even when separated by millions of kilometers. The Jovians was to explore as they want, CEGA wants political control, and the Venusians seek economic domination.

Death: Playing poker is no fun unless you can lose your shirt too. The characters live life on the edge in the most hostile environment ever. They face radiation, vacuum, beam cannons that can punch a hole through a battleship, and perhaps well-connected ex-lovers that will move the solar system to get back at them. The characters need to be prepared to put everything on the line. Decisive actions and decisions never come easy.

Love: While exo-armors and spaceships are cool trimming, the heart of storytelling involves characters. Stakes are personal and the lives of family, friends, and loved ones are often at risk. Even the enemy has a good side. The personal problems related to creating and sustaining relationships are just as important to the game as the ultimate future of the solar system.

The Odyssey Affair

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