Distant Reflections 2

Distant Reflections

C: Urara, do you have a moment?

U: I do. But please, don’t address me so informally.

C: Hey now, we’re old friends. What’s the harm?

U: Ugh, nevermind. What is it that you want?

C: Just wanted to check and see how your story was going. Quite an eventful day ,wasn’t it?

U: Yes, yes it was. And my story is going fine.

C: Glad to hear it. And you and Nagai are getting along well too. I even saw him planning a surprise for you.

U: You saw him doing what?

C: Planning a surprise. He was fiddling with his filing cabinets to rig a booby trap. Some sort of glitter bomb or something. Pretty silly, eh? I figured it must be for some sort of game you two are playing.

U: I wouldn’t know anything about that.

C: Oh, so you’re saying you don’t know anything about looking through Nagai’s files?

U: …what is it that you’re suggesting, Chase?

C: I’m not suggesting that you would know anything about his files, of course. And it had better stay that way.

U: What, is that supposed to be a threat? I’m a reporter, not one of your lackies, Chase. You don’t really want to see the Elysee Broadcast Network publish a story on a Lieutenant-Commander of the JAF trying to intimidate a reporter, do you?

C: Oh, I’m not threatening you as a Lieutenant-Commander, Urara. This is much more personal than that.

U: Is that what this is about? You’ve still got a stupid crush on me? Forget it, I’m not interested.

C: I’m not interested either, but you’re dodging the subject. I know you saw some of Nagai’s files. The JAF loves our relationship with our reporters. We’d never try to silence the media. All the same, I had better not see anything confidential about this mission in the news.

U: Or what? I’ve had it with your useless bluffs, Chase.

C: It’s not a bluff. If you leak information, I might just have some facts of my own to leak to Nagai.

U: What are you saying? You’re just fishing.

C: Not at all. I know exactly what you did, Urara. I wonder how Nagai would feel about it. Really, your own sister?

U: What? How could you-

C: I have my sources.

U: D-damn you.

C: So we have a deal then? I shut my mouth, and you shut yours. Oh, and I already have a rough draft of the story that you’re going to turn in to your manager.

U: You’re a rotten weasel, Chase. A real bastard.

C: I know. But I’m a bastard who has dirt on you. Now be a good reporter and do exactly what I tell you to.

V: Sir!

K: Greetings, Captain Volkov. I trust you have good news to report?

V: Of course, Admiral Kleb. While we were unable to recover the JAF’s secret weapon, the facility was successfully destroyed. No trace of CEGA’s involvement was left behind.

K: Good. And the data?

V: Retrieved. It’s in the process of being encrypted and sent to Luna as we speak.

K: Your efforts are greatly appreciated, Captain. What is the status of your team?

V: We suffered three casualties, and lost four exo-armors. Including my Cerberus. Both cargo ships we used for infiltration have been destroyed. Our escape ship was also destroyed.

K: Three lives and four exo-armors is a small price to pay for the completion of Project Dragonstriker.

V: Of course, sir. However, I do require more pilots and exo-armors.

K: They’ll be supplied upon your return to the rest of the fleet.

V: Negative, sir. Syreens won’t do. I won’t burden my ship with anything else than high-performance units.

K: Captain, there is nothing we can do for you until you return to Luna’s shipyards.

V: Actually, sir, if you’d grant the permission, I have another avenue I’d like to pursue for the Weserubung’s armaments.

K: You’re testing my patience, Volkov. Explain.

V: My contact has assured me that our target will be leaving Jovian space shortly. I intend on staying in the region and acquiring my resources locally.

K: You can’t mean from the Federation, can you? Protocol dictates-

V: -to hell with the protocol, sir. Things are getting too interesting for me to turn my back now. You wouldn’t want me to come back to Earthspace to be bored, would you?

K: I get it, Captain. The permission is granted.

V: Thank you, sir. I’m glad I could convince you.

Distant Reflections 2

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