Distant Reflections 3

Distant Reflections

M: Hey Taka-kun! Yumi-chan!

T: Hishikawa, how are you?

M: I’m fantastic! The Georiga has so many fun things to do. I’m going to eat at every restaurant before we get to Mars.

T: Glad to see you happy, Hishikawa.

M: What about you Yumi-chan? What are you going to do after physical training?

A: Go somewhere you two can’t bother me.

T: Ouch. Hey, no need to be so sour Adachi. We’re all friends here.

M: Yeah, why don’t we go get some lunch together, it’ll be fun!

T: That sounds great.

A: I’m busy.

M: Busy? With what? We haven’t been given any orders or anything.

T: I bet she’s going to watch the Lieutenant. Yanagi is going to be testing his Retaliator’s upgrades. Against asteroids!

M: Whaaa!? That’s really dangerous, isn’t it?

T: Yup. Maybe Adachi is worried for him.

A: The Lieutenant will be fine. I merely want to watch the performance of the exo-armor.

M: Could it be…that you have a crush on the Lieutenant!?

T: Adachi! I never would have guessed. But you and the Lieutenant…it seems so natural.

A: Idiots…

R: Tracy-san? Urara-san?

U: Over here, Rei-chan!

R: Sorry, it’s so misty, I can’t see anything.

T: Come on in, the water is great.

U: It’s so relaxing. I could stay here all day.

R: Oh, the water is nice.

T: You don’t have to cover up so much. Only girls here.

R: I’ve never been to a place like this. And I’ve never taken a bath with anyone but family before.

U: It’s an ancient bonding ritual! At least, that’s what they say in Vanguard Mountain, right?

T: While steam baths are more popular in my home state, I wouldn’t say anybody really talks like that anymore.

R: Um, where is Nova-san?

T: The heat was getting to her head. She went to go and rest.

U: More importantly, Rei-chan, how do you even fit those in your uniform? They’re so round, and big!

R: D-don’t look so closely!

T: I’m shocked too. Are they natural?

R: O-obviously!

U: They’re probably genetically engineered though, right? Wow, I’m jealous.

R: It’s not my fault, I didn’t ask for this body…

T: It’s nothing to be embarrassed about. But I thought your father was religious, so I’m surprised that—

R: I-It’s f-from an earlier generation!

U: Things like that are pretty standard in genetic engineering packages, actually, Tracy.

T: It’s almost like cheating. Akio-kun sure is lucky

U: I really can’t see so well without my glasses, Rei-chan. Come closer.

R: Why are you looking at me like that, Urara-san? Hey, w-what are you, s-stop!

Distant Reflections 3

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