Distant Reflections 4

Distant Reflections

N: I’m so boooored, niisan. Why can’t we just go over and smack her in the face?

A: Because this is what the captain ordered. You’re just going to have to be patient Nanatsu.

N: But we’ve been waiting three hours! How much longer do we have to wait?

A: As long as it takes. We just have to wait until the captain draws out the Infinity.

N: But what if she can’t make her angry? We will have waited for nothing.

A: The captain has a certain…knack for getting under people’s skin. She’s the best bet at getting Aoi Trinity angry.

N: And then we sweep down all heroic-like and capture that demon machine, right?

A: If it works that is. The captain said she might have to resort to alternative methods to get the Infinity.

N: You mean like…just going through their stuff and taking it?

A: That won’t work anymore. The only reason we had a chance on Slumbering Eidolon was because the Jovians weren’t aware of what they had. Now that they do, they’ll be guarding it closely.

N: But if that’s the case, why bring it all the way to Mars? Isn’t that…even more risky?

A: You misunderstand. I say guarding it closely, but they have no attachment to it. The Jovians don’t even understand what it is.

N: So what you’re saying is…it’s bait?

A: They’ve probably realized the connection between Aoi Trinity and the Infinity. The Jovians likely suspect CEGA involvement, so they’ll use the Infinity to try and draw our hand. They don’t know what it is they have, but they know we want it. If we just walk over and take it, the Jovians will have reason to link us to the attack on Tenshi Station. It would be like an act of war.

N: So we can’t just go and take it.

A: Exactly. But if the Infinity were to “attack” the Orbital Elevator on Mars…

N: …then as a peacekeeping organization, CEGA would be obligated to capture it!

A: Right again. The Infinity is too dangerous to leave in the hands of the Jovians.

N: And the whole plan hinges on the captain being able to upset Aoi so she draws the Infinity out.

A: Essentially. But she always has backup plans.

N: But we’ve been waiting hours, how long will it ta—

A: Oh, a message from the captain. They’ve reached the surface.

N: So we waited for nothing? Now the captain is making ME angry!

Distant Reflections 4

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