Distant Reflections 5

Distant Reflections

C: Chief Petty Officer Charles Gentry reporting for duty!

AG: Chief Petty Officer Allison Gentry reporting for duty!

A: The same name? Are you two related?

AG: Married, sir.

A: I see. What are the odds that CEGA’s two test pilots on Mars would have such a relationship?

C: We met on the job, Lieutenant-Commander.

A: At ease, soldiers.

C & AG: Yes, sir.

A: So, both of you volunteered to join the crew of the Weserubung, despite not knowing the mission. Have you considered it could be dangerous?

AG: It is possible, sir, but worth it for the chance to work with Captain Volkov.

C: They say she has the greatest tactical mind in the entire Navy. It’s a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.

A: That it is…

AG: Charlie and I intend on retiring to the reserves after this last tour of active duty.

A: With the rising tension here on Mars, I can’t say that is a bad decision. But as a part of the patrol fleet, you run the risk of seeing live combat on the Weserubung.

C: Hopefully, a memorable experience to tell our future children.

AG: We’re trained in the use of high-performance exo-armors, both in gravity and in space.

A: Do either of you have experience with a Wyvern?

C: Yes, Lieutenant-Commander.

A: The unit you will both be assigned to is the Cerberus. We’ll be picking up two of them upon our return to the fleet to resupply. It has similar control to the Wyvern, so you should have no issues.

AG: Have we been given orders yet?

A: Not…yet. Though I am sure that the Captain has an idea of our next course of action.

C: If I may ask, sir, what exo-armors is the Weserubung equipped with?

A: Aside from the Wyvern issued to Petty Officer Ivanov, only the Bonebreaker we acquired from the Federation.

AG: We had heard rumors about the Captain, that she had a red exo-armor…

A: You mean about the Red Wolf of CEGA? You may be thinking of rumors that surrounded her mother. They’re only rumors. Even so, I am sure that Volkov will meet all of your expectations.

R: You can come in.

T: You heard me?

R: You’ve been pacing back and forth for a while. I saw your shadow through the window.

T: I guess that was pretty obvious of me. You, um, you look well.

R: I’ve already seen a mirror. You don’t have to be fake with me, Tsubaki-san.

T: I…sorry.

R: Don’t worry about me. Have you been to see Akio-kun?

T: Y-yeah. He’s stable, but he still isn’t conscious.

R: Heh, I’m actually sort of glad.

T: Himura-san?

R: I know if he sees me like this he’ll get worried. Akio-kun is the type to blame himself.

T: It’s not his fault, or yours, or any of ours! It’s those terrorists. You guys saved Hell City, you’re heroes!

R: The media doesn’t quite see it like that.

T: Screw the damned media. They’re a bunch of propaganda-spewing Federation lapdogs.

R: That doesn’t change the fact that innocent lives were lost, and some of them were because of us.

T: But if you hadn’t done anything, even more people could have died!

R: Even so.

T: It’s not fair. It was those STRIKE bastards who caused this. They’re the ones responsible, they’re the ones the Maritans should be blaming!

R: Tsubaki-san, do you like Akio-kun?

T: If they didn’t-what!? Himura-san, why do you-

R: You do like him.

T: …yeah.

R: Hehe, I know. Akio-kun does too.

T: I meant what I told you in Jovian Space. I won’t…I won’t lose to you.

R: I know you won’t, Tsbuaki-san. And that’s why I have to ask you a favor.

T: A favor?

R: Yes. I want you to take care of Akio-kun from now on. He’ll need someone to help him with the Emissary.

T: What are you talking about, Himura-san? After you’ve healed, you-

R: I’m not going to heal from this. At least, my eye won’t. Not enough to meet piloting standards. Even if I could fly an exo-armor again, it’ll never be like it used to be.

T: Himura-san…

R: I know how you feel about Akio-kun. I feel the same way. That’s…why I know that you’ll keep him safe.

T: I will. I promise, I’ll become a great soldier, and I’ll make sure nothing happens to him!

R: Hehe, I admire your dedication, Tsubaki-san. It makes you look really cute.

T: H-hey!

K: Captain Volkov.

V: Admiral Kleb. So nice to hear from you. I would of sent word sooner, but you must have heard how chaotic things have become here on Mars.

K: Don’t talk to me like a fool Volkov, I was a veteran before your mother was even born. I know a renegade battlegroup when I see one.

V: Whatever could you mean, sir?

K: Your secret is out. Our spies confirmed the use of atomic weapons as reported by the Jovians.

V: This is news to me. Who knew the Jovians would use-

K: You know damned well that it was YOUR deployment of those weapons! I’m talking about the destruction of Slumbering Eidolon.

V: Naturally, I used the equipment provided by my commanding officer to destroy the Jovian space station. Was that not what I was ordered to do?

K: Then pray tell, how did the Martian terrorists STRIKE get a hold of a hydrogren bomb?

V: You should drop the religious vocabulary. It’s not suiting of a Navy Admiral.

K: Stop avoiding the question! You were given permission to take the Weserubung to Mars to make contact with the Federation’s Martian Metals branch for exo-armors, NOT to incite conflict!

V: I simply do not have any idea as to what you are talking about. Why would I put myself at such great risk?

K: I don’t know why you do anything Volkov but your free run ends here. You are to return immediately to Luna Base for review of your actions.

V: Admiral, surely you-

K: That is an order, captain.

V: …yes, sir.

A: Are you finished with your call, captain?

V: I just closed the transmission.

A: The new pilots arrived. They look promising.

V: How dare he.

A: Pardon, captain?

V: How dare that meddling ‘politician’ get in my way.

A: I take it that the conference did not go well?

V: Douglas, come here.

A: Captain? Captain, what are you-

V: Do be quiet. I’m in a particularly foul mood and unless you’d like to see my anger, you’ll be silent.

Distant Reflections 5

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