Distant Reflections 6

Distant Reflections

A: Welcome aboard, captain.

V: Thanks for picking me up, Lieutenant-Commander.

AM: It’s an honor to work with you, Captain Volkov!

C: Yes, thank you for this opportunity.

V: Please, at ease. I’d prefer that we head back. We have a lot of supplies to move before we return to Luna Base.

C: The Lieutenant-Commander mentioned as such. We don’t have much of a support staff, do we?

V: No, in fact. The Weserubung’s crew is the four of us, plus Ensign Ivanov and two civilians.

AM: That’s really strange. Why would they leave you so poorly staffed? Without a support team, we’d be vulnerable in ship-to-ship combat.

C: It doesn’t seem like standard regulation.

V: Lets just say that not everyone is as much of a fan of me as you two are.

AM: Your mother was a war hero though, right? Doesn’t she still have friends in the high-command?

V: She’s been retired for a long time.

A: Captain, it looks like there has been a development. The Federation and Republic attempted to take the JSS Daring into their custody. The ship refused to submit to their request and the Confederation has ordered an evacuation of Jovian civilians.

V: Yes, I know already.

C: The news report just popped up.

AM: Were you speaking with government officials in town?

V: No, no, nothing of the sort. I wouldn’t wear a dress to talk to leadership.

A: Did you plan this too?

V: Of course.

C: Planned?

A: You wanted to work with a master strategist. You’ll get used to her complex scenarios.

AM: Is this the “tactical-prognostication” I’ve heard about?

V: You could say that. You read the report on the Jovian experimental fighter, the Infinity, correct?

C: Yes, of course ma’am.

A: We failed to capture it during our infiltration of Jovian Space last month.

V: Our primary objective was actually information, but I would of liked to get the Infinity as well.

AM: I see. Is this Infinity really that special? The estimated specs didn’t make it seem like anything compared to Project Dragonstriker.

A: We don’t know its full capabilities. That’s why it’s important.

V: I arranged to ride the elevator with Aoi Trinity, its designated pilot, in the hopes that I could enrage her and make her summon the ship telepathically.

C: The report mentioned something like that, but it can’t be real, can it?

A: I saw the ship react to Aoi Trinity’s state of mind on Slumbering Eidolon.

V: It was mere speculation, but I had Albright in a descent shuttle just in case. If she did call it, we would of taken it while it was unmanned. Sadly, Aoi Trinity didn’t take the bait.

AM: You had another plan though, right?

V: Naturally. I was also able to confirm the identity of the Jovian’s ace pilot. But Phase 2 involved the timing of the STRIKE terrorist attack. I knew the JAF was doing exo testing and was going to do a flight demonstration for the Mars Ranger Corps.

A: We gathered the information on military deployment with our hacker during our time in Jovian Space.

V: I gave a little “nudge” to STRIKE and supplied them with the hydrogen bomb we’d had left over from destroying Slumbering Eidolon.

AM: You mean—

V: Yes. I put this terrorist attack into motion.

C: That’s…

AM: Weren’t you in the city?

V: I would of evacuated with Ensign Ivanov if I thought there was risk. I confirmed a Jovian technical engineer among their number though. His psychological profile was easy to determine. I knew I was in no danger. Besides, I had…other alternatives.

A: I was still descending from the atmosphere. We suspected that the scenario would force Aoi Trinity to call the Infinity. It did, and we confirmed our theory.

V: I originally planned for the Lieutenant-Commander to capture the fighter, but unfortunately the Martians managed to shoot it down. The wreckage vanished before I could make a move on it at all.

AM: Amazing, you thought that far ahead?

C: Could the Lieutenant-Commander really have taken them all out though, by himself?

A: Of course not. Mikhail was deployed as well.

V: And I was inside the cockpit of their ace pilot’s exo. But ultimately, we didn’t manage to capture the Infinity then either, but we did learn of a new feature it had.

C: Maybe we’re getting off topic. What exactly does this have to do with the Martians attacking the Jovians?

V: They’re slow on the uptake, eh?

A: No one thinks as fast as you do.

V: Phase 3 was to use the Martians to capture the Infinity for us. I had suspected some of the abilities of the Infinity and certain outcomes of Phase 2.

A: The Republic wants to do anything to push the attention off of themselves and onto the Jovians, since they can’t admit to possible involvement between the terrorists and the Ranger Corps.

AM: And CEGA has a close connection to the Federation.

V: You are catching on. They have extensive propaganda programs and control the media. I just had to pressure their end to turn the focus off of STRIKE and onto the Jovians.

A: It’s likely that the Infinity either went somewhere aboard the Daring, possibly invisible, or that it will reappear to come to its aid.

V: I suspected that I’d receive orders to desist current operations to capture the fighter from the Jovians, which I got. However, the Martians should do the work for us.

C: Amazing…you planned all of this out ahead.

AM: You truly are a genius.

A: We’re here. I’m going to take us down.

C: So do you believe the Martians will be able to capture the Infinity?

V: It’s a possibility.

AM: Are you prepared for if they fail?

V: Yes. If they can’t manage it, then what will happen is-

A: It’s Azami. Something is wrong.

C: One of the civilians…she’s just a teenager.

V: Oh…this was a possibility too…

AM: Is she okay?

A: Miss Azami, what happened?

H: A-Aoi…she…she…

A: Please try to calm down. What happened with Aoi Trinity?

H: It couldn’t…it couldn’t have been…

A: Miss Azami, what happened? Where is Nanatsu?

H: Aoi…she…is Nanatsu.

A: No…no, it can’t be.

V: Albright! Where are you going?

C: He’s heading out in the shuttle!

AM: What’s going on? Who is Nanatsu?

V: Lieutenant-Commander, do not disobey me!


C: He’s gone.

AM: Captain, he—

V: Hehe, it’s fine.

C: What?

V: He’s going to take the shuttle into orbit to look for Nanatsu.

AM: I don’t quite understand, but isn’t that bad? We got orders to desist, and—

V: The Bonebreaker is of Martian make. We didn’t put any CEGA insignias on it yet.

C: Are you saying…

AM: You don’t mean that—

V: Lets hurry up and get packing. We’re going to need to launch as soon as we can.

AM & C: Yes ma’am!

V: And Miss Azami? I think you know well that Miss Trinity is very much alive. I’ll keep my end of the bargain, so make sure you keep yours.

Distant Reflections 6

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