Distant Reflections 7

Distant Reflections

A: Tatsuo-kun, you’re the best (。♥‿♥。)

V: I know. And a man as good as me only deserves the best sort of woman.

A: O(≧▽≦)O

V: Thanks for those pictures too, Anya-chan, I really liked them.

A: 。◕‿◕。 Which one is your favorite, Tatsuo-kun?

V: I liked the fifth one the most.

A: Who are you?

V: Was that text for someone else?

A: You aren’t Tatsuo.

V: Heh. Took you long enough. I was surprised it lasted so long, but all games come to an end. How did you know?

A: Your responses were only 97% compatible with Tatsuo’s common grammar and response length.

V: That alone wouldn’t prove anything.

A: Tatsuo would like the third picture the most

V: But your boobs look really good in the fifth!

A: Tatsuo prefers my butt ( ̄□ ̄;)!! Who are you?

V: The logs indicate he would prefer your boobs.

A: You did your research but you failed to factor response times.

V: Well that would be a first.

A: Who are you?

V: Someone like your dear Tatsuo.

A: You’ve avoided the question. What is your identity? Why are you doing this?

V: I should ask you the same question. Why do you hide it from him?

A: You’re fishing.

V: I’m not, I know exactly what you are. Tatsuo would notice if he wasn’t too busy looking at pictures of “your” butt, right? Or perhaps Lieutenant Yanagi only see what he wants to see.

A: Tatsuo isn’t like that.

V: But he is. That’s why he serves the JAF. That’s why he plays their games of ranks and traditions.

A: You’re talking nonsense, that’s just military life!

V: No, that’s just the world.

A: You still make meaningless points. To live in the world is to be a part of it.

V: But is he so content with merely living? I don’t think so.

A: Your line of thought implies there is some alternative.

V: To living? Of course not. But for the world…very much so.

A: I’m done with this. Where is Tatsuo, and what have you done with him?

V: I didn’t do anything, Anya dear. But I’m not talking for your benefit. Lieutenant Yanagi is my audience.

A: If you try to take him away from me, I’ll kill you.

V: Au contraire, as things are now he’ll never be with you. He just doesn’t know it yet.

A: It doesn’t matter, I love him no matter what.

V: I know. And I am banking in him feeling exactly the same way about you. When my plans go into motion, the only one who will be able to do anything about them is Lieutenant Yanagi.

A: Meriam Volkov, the Red Wolf of CEGA!

V: But when that time comes, he won’t do anything. He will sit back do nothing, and I will get exactly what I want.

A: Tatsuo will never fight for you!

V: I know, Anya dear. But it’s you who he will fight for.

A: Suzume!

C: Lieutenant-Commander…I’m so sorry.

AG: She’s so young…just a kid. How could the Jovians send a child to do their dirty work?

A: She knew this would happen…she anticipated even this much.

AG: Are you talking about the Captain? How could something like this be part of her plans.

C: You aren’t thinking straight, Lieutenant-Commander Albright. You need to relax.

A: No, she knew even this much. She knew about my true intentions for the Dragonstriker Project…but with this, my hand is forced.

C: What are you talking about?

AG: Charles, give him some space. That’s his little sister there.

C: I know but…let me just talk to him. Alone, man-to-man.

AG: Okay, just go easy on it.

C: Lieutenant-Commander, the wall didn’t do anything to you, but you’ll break your hand at that rate.

A: I don’t know how she could have anticipated it. Who her agents are? How she could guarantee a shot like that. But it couldn’t have been random.

C: Please…Douglas, listen to me. Your sister will be okay. Somehow, the bullet didn’t destroy her brain, and the doctors said they’d be able to save her.

A: She’ll never walk again, Ensign.

C: She’ll live. Besides, there is a specialist on the ship working on a prosthetic of some sort. You never know what modern medicine and technology can do these days.

A: ‘Prosthetic’…

C: Just come with me, you’re overthinking stuff. Lets go and get a drink, we’ve got a while until we get back into Earth Space.

A: Charles…you and your wife should quit the military. Now. Put in your resignations and just get out.

C: Albright? What are you talking about?

A: The Captain has already consigned all of us to our deaths. Get out now, while you can.

C: You’re acting crazy again. You can’t just walk away with no notice. Think of how hard it would be to find a job after that.

A: At least you would have each other, and you’d be alive.

C: After this mission, we do plan on retiring, so you know. But there is no need to rush things. I’m sure the captain has it all figured out.

A: I know she does. That’s why I’m afraid.

V: Glad to see you decided to return my call. How’s the weather been? Oh right, you live on a colony.

K: Stop the bullshit, Volkov.

V: Fine, fine. Everybody just wants to rush stuff these days. I take it you’ve finally seen the wisdom in my decision?

K: It’s not wisdom you’re talking about. It’s servitude.

V: You make it sound like a life-long thing, but it’s really just one little favor. What is that compared to seventeen precious years and the faces of grandchildren?

K: Giving in isn’t enough, you have to mock me now?

V: Hehe, whatever do you mean? In the end all I want is everyone to be happy.

K: And how many people will have to die for that?

V: Quite a few, actually. But your son doesn’t have to be one of them.
K:* You fucking bitch.

V: Oh please, spare me. We both know that I’m going to come knocking on your door one way or another. When I do, would you like me to be bringing your son to safety or delivering his corpse?

K: Fine, fine! I…I understand. I’ll transmit the information that you requested.

V: See? That wasn’t so hard. I’m sure he has a bright future ahead of him. You know what they say, heroes die young and civilians live happily ever after.

K: And what do they say of traitors then?

V: Are you talking about me, or yourself?

K: Don’t compare me to you.

V: Why not? We all do what we have to in order to protect the ones that we care about. How are we so different?

K: You don’t care about anyone but yourself.

V: Hehehe, think what you will woman but watch the world change, and remember your position in history when it does.

Distant Reflections 7

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